Hi, here is some of the "new" vocabulary from last weeks lesson.

first some of the words you mispronounced with their correct pronunciation.

Tourism /tʊərɪzm/

Remember; all ism words carry a double stress, with the main stress on the first part of the word and with secondary stress on the ism.

job /dʒɒb/

Remember; all words that begin with J are pronounced dʒ.

Hulk /hʌlk/

centre /sentə/

Remember; the θ sound, your zeta, is only used in English for words beginning with TH as in think /θɪŋk/. And even then only when the TH is unvoiced. Compare, think /θɪŋk with that /ðæt/.

Ikea /aɪkɪə/

Aye! Aye! Aye!

Month /mʌnθ/

Remember; that the O in many words that begin MO are pronounced /mʌ/. e.g. Monday, Mother, Money. And not just MO, see London below.

favourite /feɪvrɪt/

Remember; the OU is NOT pronounced.

series /sɪrɪz/

Remember; the IE is a single vowel sound, it is NOT pronounced /sɪrɪez

subtitles /sʌbtaɪtlz/

Remember, /taɪtlz/ NOT /tɪtlz/

London /lʌndən/

see month

Vampire Diaries /væmpaɪə daɪərɪz/

Remember; V can NEVER be pronounced b and that usually the letter (i) followed by a consonant is pronounced /aɪ/ not /ɪ/