Hello Everyone!

This Wiki is for you NOT for me. So use it.

Go to Pages and Files look at what I have put on. There are some questions that I expect you to answer. At the top of the page there is an EDIT button, click on it and write in what you think the answer is.

If you see that someone has written something that you disagree with or feel is wrong edit it. The idea is for this to be a collective project. Something that you as a group have worked on together albeit in your individual homes.

Furthermore if you read or hear something of interest you can post it on the site or include the link to a web page or article of interest that others can read or listen to and comment on.

Tomorrow is June 1st the third Friday in a five week course so we don't have much time. I will however leave the wiki up and running until the end of July so that you can still use it to access and share material with each other.

Remember this is for your benefit NOT mine so use it


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